Understanding the Ministry of Capital Stewardship

11-Jul-2016 | by Chuck Klein

Church capital campaigns that adhere to Biblical principles and follow a well-executed plan bring glory to God and financial blessing to families and organizations.  The act of “over and above giving” is, in itself, an expression of worship, and helping initiate it is a vital component of proper stewardship training.  With these goals in mind, guiding churches in the concepts and practices of capital stewardship defines Impact’s ministry to the Body of Christ.

Regrettably, capital stewardship campaigns are too often treated as a business transaction, rather than a ministry partnership.  In the not-too-distant past, I observed a church consulting industry overrun by individuals – many of whom barely fulfilled the definition of “consultant” – who over-promised, under-delivered, overcharged and rarely showed up on-site once the ink dried on the agreement.

That is not ministry.

Instead, a true consulting organization needs to evidence:

  • Integrity – a partner you can trust who will do what they say they will do
  • Intellectual equity – a guide with a knowledge base that you do not have, that you need
  • Accountability – a confidant willing to be held responsible for their words, actions, and commitments, e.g. Performance Guarantee, days on-site with the church, delivery on promises both verbal and contractual, follow-up support, and willingness to put these promises in writing
  • Testimony – a team whose past experience is applauded by others previously in your shoes

Impact continues to set this more optimistic expectation regarding capital stewardship & fundraising campaigns.   We establish early on that we are a ministry partner rather than a business being hired just to produce a result.   Our ministry focus is to consistently & enthusiastically reassure church leadership that raising capital for ministry is a Biblically good idea, is feasible in any economic environment, and derives its momentum from clearly communicated vision.

We welcome the opportunity to learn about  your  vision for ministry and to partner with you in these challenging but rewarding times!  As you consider your next building project, land acquisition, or ministry expansion, discover how Impact is ministering to churches in the vital area of capital stewardship.  Please contact us to discuss your specific questions and needs.


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