Healthy vs. Wealthy: Part Three – Putting Together the Big Picture

20-Sep-2017 | by Chuck Klein

Read part three in our Healthy vs. Wealthy Series to discover how a church capital campaign allows you to tell and invite others into the story of your church and its people.

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Healthy vs. Wealthy: Part Two – Engaging Your Audience

12-Sep-2017 | by Chuck Klein

Want to engage all generations and involve a larger number of your people around a common vision? Discover how a church capital campaign can help you in achieving this goal.

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Healthy vs. Wealthy: Part One - The Right Focus

06-Sep-2017 | by Chuck Klein

What should be the focus of every church capital campaign? Gain insights into how to avoid making money the emphasis of your current and/or next church capital campaign.

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How Faithful Stewardship Fuels The Big Picture

29-Aug-2017 | by Chuck Klein

Learn the four foundational elements of faithful stewardship and how they allow you to properly respond to the God-given big picture for your church.

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Spending Money to Raise Money

12-Jun-2017 | by Chuck Klein

Do you want to spend $0 to raise $1 million, or are you willing to spend $50,000 to raise possibly twice as much?

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Top 4 Things We Learned in 2016

11-Apr-2017 | by Chuck Klein

You've all heard the saying, "Time will tell." While that's usually meant in a forward-looking manner, let's take a quick look back at our time spent with church leaders and donors in 2016. Our work with churches of various sizes, denominations, and cultures reveals much regarding giving, generosity, vision and momentum in the body of Christ.

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Two Vs Three Year Campaign

18-Jan-2017 | by Chuck Klein

For years, conventional wisdom has dictated three years as the standard timeframe for a large-scale, church-wide capital drive. But is that best for your church?

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Year-End Giving Insight for Seniors with IRA's

05-Dec-2016 | by Bill Price

With year-end giving in full swing, the best tax break for seniors with IRA’s remains undiscovered by most.

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Recognizing the Opportunity for Year-End Giving

14-Nov-2016 | by Bill Price

The end of every year presents an outstanding opportunity for members of your congregation to enjoy excellent tax benefits.

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How Do We Raise the Money?

19-Oct-2016 | by Chuck Klein

Whether it’s building, renovating, paying off debt, or simply expanding ministry reach, one question tops the list when church leadership considers a large-scale capital need: How will we acquire these funds?

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