Elevate:  Sustainable Funding Strategy

Impact Stewardship is rapidly changing the way churches look at funding vision, by challenging them to look at the heart of their people.  We help organizations look beyond merely stirring a mindset of generosity, instead examining the root motivation behind why and where people invest themselves. 

Elevate represents a shift in thinking about the purpose, and therefore the delivery, of church capital campaigns.  While we recognize that a generosity campaign may yield an increase in funding during a specific timeframe, we encourage equal focus on the heart transformation 
(learn about our Be Transformed curriculum here) that yields the kind of generosity that extends beyond the campaign calendar.  As a result, the campaign becomes part of something bigger.  

We believe that maturing faith, through discipleship, remains the most vital ingredient in nurturing generosity and sustaining long-term financial health.   

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Generous behavior doesn't make one a stronger disciple; one's deeper walk of faith in Christ produces the character that leads to generous giving toward Biblical priorities and church vision. It follows that churches who elevate the stewardship of their vision -- and in turn their treasure, time, and talent -- will be well-positioned to promote strong and purposeful discipleship and to reap the fruit of maturing faith. 

Experience reveals that church capital campaigns tend to be carried primarily on the shoulders of current, involved members of your church who willingly give over and above for a specific project, for a specified period of time.  But what about everyone else?    Elevate remedies this by equipping you to challenge everyone in the church to step up a level in all areas of their stewardship walk:  in ministry, in serving, in giving.

Here's how.

Stewardship of Treasure

This sustainable funding program encourages givers in the following donor categories, which reflect a healthy progression of Biblical understanding and spiritual maturity.  

The effective communication of your vision, complemented by Biblical teaching, will help you lift your people to new levels of faith and action.  Elevate prompts individuals to be honest about where they are today, while acknowledging the opportunity to step up to the next level.  

  • Legacy Investor.  Impacting future generations by aligning my resources today to help fuel vision for tomorrow.
  • Over-and-Above Supporter.  Demonstrating a lifestyle of self-denial by giving beyond my regular support.
  • Consistent Contributor.  Honoring God by giving faithfully as a reflection of His steadfast character in me. 
  • Occasional Donor.  Exercising greater faith by connecting my resources to the needs around me.
  • First-Time Giver.  Stepping out in faith to trust God to meet my needs by responding to His goodness.

Stewardship of Time and Talent

Elevate brings equal focus to the stewardship of an individual’s non-financial resources.  We help you equip and engage all levels of givers in such a way that hearts and lifestyles change and mature.  The goal becomes church-wide transformation that continues to bear fruit long after the implementation of the stewardship emphasis.

Elevate will prompt your church to respond in faith by volunteering and getting connected.  Ask them to pray about how they can participate:  

  • Sacrificially.  I'm ready to lay down my life to see others raised up.
  • Regularly.  I want to use my unique gifts to help propel our vision.
  • Periodically.  I recognize my calling to be more involved in the lives of others. 
  • Initially.  Someone invested time and talent in me, and I choose to do the same.

Sustainable funding strategy relies on growth in participation, as reflected in volunteer service and in ministry involvement.  Broader opportunities and changed hearts lead to greater participation, which in turn stirs ownership.  Ownership prompts sacrifice, which forms the basis of carrying out Christ’s mission.  The fulfillment of our mission (Matthew 28) promotes faith development and church growth.  And the growth of the Body of Christ, evidenced in increased faith and ministry impact, results in much glory to God!

How we can we help you develop a sustainable funding strategy?


Think "Big Picture"

Creating a culture of faithful stewardship depends on developing a holistic attitude about overall church financial health.  We refer to this as "Big-Picture" thinking, and you can read more about it here.   

These four interconnected, vital areas both contribute and derive from individual commitment to corporate vision.  When your people "get it" at a heart level, you will see transformation in behavior; your ability to sustain and advance ministry directives is directly proportional.  

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