Distinctions:  What Sets Us Apart






We will exceed a certain level of results or you will receive a significant reduction in fee.   For over 14 years, Impact Stewardship has been the only church capital campaign consulting firm to offer this guarantee.  Learn more >


Our track record far exceeds church capital campaign industry averages and includes numerous construction, renovation and debt reduction projects.  Impact Stewardship has helped raise over $950 million for ministry since 1999.  Our church partners consistently report better results using programs developed with Impact compared to alternate campaign plans.







Impact Stewardship consistently offers more on-site attention to detail than any other organization in our industry. Our experience affirms that a direct correlation exists between church capital campaign success and consultant interaction with church campaign leadership.


Church capital campaigns must function quite differently secular fundraising.  Most secular programs rely on pressure and outside support. By contrast, church-oriented support campaigns must center on prayer and communication within the church family.  This philosophy forms the cornerstone of every Impact Stewardship campaign.







Impact's capital stewardship campaign model is rooted in Biblical principles that are clearly articulated and consistently taught to the church body.  Every campaign designed by Impact encourages obedience to the Father as shown in scripture, an attitude we have seen Him bless time and time again.


Every opportunity is given to inform and involve potential donors in a variety of prayer-based, non-intrusive, non-pressure strategies to communicate the need and gain support for the project and correlating capital stewardship campaign.  Learn more  >







Our expertise in tax-wise giving enables our partner churches and ministries to maximize their giving potential toward their capital stewardship program.  Impact emphasizes creative ways that church members can give to support the church, while enjoying personal tax benefits.


For years, Impact has focused on legacy giving as a vital element within our overall program.  By initiating this strategy to work in conjunction with capital campaign activity, churches often see campaign gifts in the short-term that lead to long-term legacy gifts through estate planning and wills.  Learn more  >







Impact Stewardship produces an inspiring array of capital campaign media.  We handle all design in-house and deliver a 100% customized portfolio for your church’s project.  All campaign media services are optional and available on a turnkey basis as needed.  Our staff media consultant helps you produce the best possible capital campaign media to communicate vision, planning, timetables, and results.  Learn more  >


Social media plays an increasingly vital role in our campaigns.  Our programs promote creative utilization of social media outlets to help communicate throughout the campaign.  Done properly, social media can effectively inform your church and prompt engagement, often by presenting an opportunity to participate with a "real-time" call-to-action (e.g. "Give today" type of messaging).  Learn more  >







Impact recently released new curriculum to facilitate lifestyle stewardship for all age groups.  This effort evidences our commitment to developing the resources needed to bless and assist your church in its unique stewardship journey.  A 4- or 8-week discipleship emphasis is part of every capital campaign.


Impact places a high priority on maximizing your pledge fulfillment through extensive, proven follow-up strategies.  Impact works with your church during the entirety of the giving phase to help you achieve your goals.