The Big Picture

Most churches view their capital stewardship campaigns as one-off events, strongly organized but stressful and therefore avoided until absolutely necessary.  Instead, what if the two or three year focus was view as a critical pieced of an ongoing, holistic approach to your church's financial health?  Envision a comprehensive plan that eagerly anticipates additional future campaign, inter speared with pro-active discussion, discipleship, and demonstration in the area of finances and stewardship.

Big-picture strategy (download the brochure (PDF) here) involves equipping and engaging your church during those three-year terms in such a way that hearts and lifestyles change and mature.  So radically, in fact, that in "month 37" - right after the thee year campaign winds down - you see the transformation continue to bear fruit. 

Creating a culture of faithful stewardship produces effective capital campaigns - not the other way around.  Church leadership must nurture a "big-picture" plan and then commit the energy necessary to implement it.  

Such a plan addresses four inter-connected, vital areas of financial focus:

Nurture a Biblical Worldview

The real battle facing the church is the one being waged against Christian culture. Stewardship attitudes directly correlate to non-monetary issues such as authority, serving, and sacrifice. Hearts either reflect Biblical principles and priorities, or they do not. Our behavior and actions reveal where we stand.

The enemy of our souls (1 Pet 5:8) will work to keep ministries from gaining resources they need to accomplish the work to which God has called them. A number of economic factors and distractions can divert potential church giving. Many secular causes and charitable organizations vie for the same potential ministry funds. Church leaders must become more convicted than ever to proactively promote and discover funding for the work of Christ.

Those blessed with resources are able to (called to? Luke 12:48) maximize their church’s ministry opportunities. Money is by no means the “be all/end all” of ministry; at the same time, church’s ability to expand its scope depends on this critical ingredient. When we fail to properly engage Christians to release funds for the Kingdom, we fail to grow their whole-hearted devotion for God


Implement a BIG Picture Plan

1. Stewardship Education Emphasis

  • 6-week education phase with focus on faithful stewardship
  • 6-week curriculum (Church-wide or small groups)
  • All-age family applications with focus on stewardship of time, talent and possessions/finances
  • Assignment of an Impact Stewardship Education Coordinator to your church

2. Project Feasibility

  • Database analysis to study campaign giving potential (determines potential giving capacity for your project)
  • Feasibility Study (discovers overall level of project enthusiasm and vision commitment

3. Pre-Campaign Planning

  • Leadership visioning retreat led by consultant (in order to prepare lay leadership for the upcoming project)
  • Vision coaching (for Pastoral leadership)
  • Initial church-wide vision presentation (Necessary preparation and planning in order to garner the necessary church understanding and support)

4. Capital Stewardship Campaign

  • Over and above giving focus
  • For debt retirement, new construction, relocation/expansion, missions, and multi-site development
  • Traditional or staff-led campaign program options

5. Mid-Campaign Re-Commitment Emphasis

  • Engage new members
  • Motivate people who have finished pledge and want to give an additional gift
  • Energize those who could not give originally
  • Reaffirm the intent of those who originally pledged

6. Planned Giving Campaigns

  • Two Types
    • Legacy Giving campaign (deferred) 
    • Planned Giving campaign (immediate)
  • Two options for incorporating planned giving
    • As part of your capital campaign
    • Part of a specific stand along planned giving and/or legacy campaign.

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