Church Capital Campaigns

As part of an over-arching, long-term financial strategy (learn more about "The BIG Picture" here)  church capital campaigns provide the means for the local church to make significant, timely progress regarding their unique ministry response to Matthew 28. 


The nature of the objective defines the type of capital stewardship campaign, and each requires a different approach and style of communication.  From emerging churches looking to add meeting space, to long-established congregations seeking to eliminate debt, Impact equips leaders to engage their church by customizing the best possible program to deliver the desired results.  Learn more  >



A successful capital stewardship campaign program requires many things:  a sound philosophy based on Biblical principles; a foundation of Truth that prompts disciples to be doers of the Word, not merely hearers; a sound process developed in faith and delivered with confidence; and understanding the real potential to advance the Kingdom of God through the forthcoming campaign program.  Learn more  >


Impact’s campaign programs help you communicate your church's financial needs effectively and prayerfully, without high-pressure tactics or burdensome demands.  Our campaigns revolve around sound, Biblically grounded stewardship principles.  Such proven stewardship strategies help you maximize donations and strengthen the unity of your church, while encouraging the congregation and achieving results.  Learn more  >


The foundation of Impact’s capital stewardship campaign model rests on proven Scriptural principles that are clearly articulated.  Every church capital campaign is designed to promote prayer, faith, trust, wisdom, and stewardship, and we have seen God bless this commitment time and again.  Prayerful involvement by your staff, lay leaders, and congregation form the basis for seeing these principles bear good and lasting fruit in your church community.  Learn more  > 


While each campaign develops along a unique calendar, there are general phases and processes that apply to all.  The timely, practical execution of a well-managed campaign requires thorough understanding of the overall campaign calendar joined with a strong commitment to implementing it as designed.  Learn more  >


The ongoing success of a capital campaign depends heavily on follow-up activity.  Impact helps you coordinate the strategy and communication necessary to maintain the momentum gained during the high-energy, early public phases of the campaign.  Learn more  >