Keys to a Successful Campaign

A successful capital stewardship campaign program requires many things: 
a sound philosophy based on Biblical principles; an approach that prompts disciples to do the Word, not merely hear it; a sound process developed in faith and delivered with confidence; and understanding the real potential to advance the Kingdom of God through the forthcoming campaign program.


Believing the project is God’s will for your church requires a trust that He knows how and when to release every resource to see it to completion in order to accomplish His ultimate plans for His church and His people. Believing it to be God’s will presents the opportunity for church leadership to work with God to unlock these blessings in order to reduce debt for future ministry opportunities, build facilities for future needs, or renovate to meet current facility requirements.


  • Inform: Leadership must articulate the vision and set forth a call to action.

  • Involve: Give committed church members the opportunity to take ownership through involvement opportunities.

  • Pray: Members will not fully support a vague, unclear purpose. With good information, communication, involvement and understanding, your people will fully be able to pray for God’s wisdom and understand how He is calling them to be a part of this project.

  • Act: True sacrifice, church-wide giving and participation can only be achieved after everyone accepts the challenge to pray and act.


  • Activity: Create activities and events that inform, involve and offer a challenge with a call to action.

  • Media: Successfully utilize creative media opportunities that help communicate the vision.

  • Education: Use this significant event in the life of your church to implement stewardship teaching for all ages, including biblical tithing and sacrifice, as well as the concept of "over and above" giving.

  • Leadership Gifts and Church-Wide Giving: Emphasize momentum-building leadership gifts and church-wide creative giving education in the capital stewardship campaign process.


The two primary goals in an effective capital stewardship campaign program are:

  • To maximize potential large gifts through good communication and involvement.

  • To maximize widespread church giving through teaching, involvement and creative giving emphasis.