The Foundation of Successful Campaigns

Impact commits to providing you with the most professional, organized, well-developed, scripture-based church capital stewardship campaign while delivering superior support and services

Stewardship Teaching

  • Tithing, “over and above” giving, and lifestyle transformation (debt free living) teaching are a part of our total program.

  • Resources and lessons focused on your type of project (retiring church debt or church building).

Stewardship Resources

  • Children, student, and adult stewardship curriculum provided

  • Lessons specific to your project are available (i.e. debt reduction or construction projects)

  • Church-wide Prayer events

  • Children’s Stewardship Festival

  • Pastor Sermon Series

Scriptural Principles and Prayer Focus

The foundation of Impact’s capital stewardship campaign models rest on proven Scriptural principles that are clearly articulated. Every church capital campaign is designed around prayer, faith, trust, wisdom, and stewardship, and we have seen God bless this commitment time and again. Prayerful involvement by your staff, lay leaders, and congregation form the basis for seeing these principles bear good fruit in your church community.

Congregation Involvement and Ownership in the Vision

Our program can involve a large percentage of your congregation through our team building process and help develop current and potential key leadership for the future. This process allows church members to take ownership of the vision and increases the number of givers in the capital stewardship campaign.