Church Capital Campaign Timeline

Preparation Phase

  • Program Design & Customization

  • Capital Campaign Leadership Enlistment and Training

  • Multimedia Communication Development

Public Phase

Information Phase

    • Public Phase Begins

    • Congregational Capital Campaign Involvement

    • Church-wide Project Visioning

    • Implement Print, Video, and Website Communication Strategy

Inspiration Phase

    • Public Phase Continues

    • Church-wide Prayer Event

    • Pastor Sermon Series

    • Children’s Stewardship Teaching Exhibit

    • Student Stewardship Program

    • Small Group/Sunday School Series (For Kids, Youth, and Adult)

    • Project Specific Sunday School/Small Group Lessons (For Debt Reduction Emphasis and New Construction Projects)

Commitment Phase

  • Leadership Gatherings

  • Commitment Services

  • Children’s Event

  • Commitment Wrap Up

Giving Phase

  • Celebration Sunday

  • 2-3 Year Program

  • Continued Follow Up and Pledge Fulfillment Emphasis with On-Going Consulting