Types of Campaigns

Debt Reduction

History shows that over two-thirds of the capital stewardship campaigns conducted by Impact Stewardship during the past two years have provided debt reduction or elimination. Due to the current economic climate, more and more people understand the necessity for their church to service less debt in order to better utilize their resources for outreach and community assistance. As a result, many churches have opted not to kick the can down the road any further (Read about this and other trends on our blog!). By acting now, they are seeing their debt eliminated sooner and are setting the stage for the next phase of their ministry by conducting a capital stewardship campaign.

Construction & Remodeling

If you are a church needing to build and are in good financial position with consistent or strong budget giving, now can be a very advantageous time to build. Interest rates are low and construction pricing is very competitive. This includes churches initiating capital stewardship campaigns for new projects, renovation, and relocation.

Multi-site Development

Churches expanding through a multi-site strategy reveal a very daunting task; Funding! Yes, this vision can be funded out of the general church budget, but an aggressive expansion strategy may be more than the church budget can absorb even though the opportunity is there. A church campaign for expanding into additional sites and nearby geographical areas can be truly sacrificial while presenting a great teaching experience for your church.

Case Study: LCBC, Manheim PA
Impact Stewardship is blessed to partner in ministry with this rapidly growing church with an aggressive approach to numerous locations servicing nearby communities. Their result is nothing short of miraculous and offers a wonderful example of what God’s people can do when coming together and giving sacrificially to expand the Kingdom. Bear in mind that while the church recently raised an incredible $20 million in funds, most of these gifts represented an investment into satellite church operations in other areas through south central PA.

Missions Work

"Go and make disciples in all the nations..."  
                           - Jesus, in Matthew 28:19   

One of the most fruitful and satisfying parts of a church capital campaign can be the designation of a significant portion of the funds raised to support additional mission efforts. Whether you are conducting a church building campaign for expansion, renovation or debt retirement, the addition of a missions giving component can be very motivating and energizing to your people and the process.

Many churches choose to tithe 10% of what is raised to enable additional domestic and international mission work. Some will increase the giving as certain benchmarks are attained in capital campaign giving. This element transforms a church capital stewardship campaign into more than an issue of “money for a building.” Rather, it emphasizes the ministry component – often in a global context.  Impact has guided many congregations to successfully initiate this exciting option as a part of their campaign.

Imagine how your church could impact the world in a greater way, if they committed substantial portions of their capital campaign gifts toward new and expanded missions opportunities!