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The vast majority of legacy gifts go to national charities, universities and hospitals. The reason for this is simple; they ask for them.

According to Giving USA and the UCC, people in the US give over $96 billion to religious causes, with $22 billion of that in the form of bequests. But the striking truth is that only 2% of that $22 billion is given to churches! 

Impact's legacy specialist, consultant Dr. Thomas S. Moucka, observes, “A deferred gift can come at any time, but deferred action on legacy giving in your church guarantees it will never come. It’s time for churches to learn how to ask for legacy gifts.”

Our LegacyNow guide provides the know-how to do exactly that.


LegacyNow provides step-by-step guidance in Legacy Giving for churches of every size.  This how-to manual, combined with live custom coaching by the author, Dr. Tom Moucka, establishes an in-house legacy giving program that promotes a sustainable, legacy giving culture in your church.  Because the program is conducted in-house, by your own people, the trust factor and participation are very high, thereby ensuring long term success.

Perhaps this describes your response to this opportunity:   “Do it ourselves?  I don’t think so.  We would much rather pay a professional to come in and get it done now, and done right.”  By adding several days of onsite coaching to your program, LegacyNow accommodates the church that wants the availability, accountability, and hands-on assistance of a “hired professional.”  Tom Moucka provides this additional level of service to equip and guide your Legacy Giving team.

Take a look inside!  View a content sample here:

What Others are Saying

“I think this is fantastic! I am so thankful you are doing this. This will make a huge difference for the Kingdom in the life of so many churches.  I was very impressed with the detail of the Guidebook. From the Calendar to the letters and the ‘Coaching Tips,’ I think you made this complicated process very doable. I love how specific you were in spelling out everything. I thought it was very clear and any church will be able to do this.

It is such an obvious need. Thank you for stepping into this gap!" 

Jeff Simmons, Pastor
Rolling Hills Community Church

Think Ahead, Act Now

Sustainable funding requires a plan for the future, implemented today.  LegacyNow helps you move in that direction.  

To get started, download a brief overview of LegacyNow (PDF) to share with your church leaders.

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