Why Hire a Consultant?

When a church decides to conduct a church capital campaign on their own, someone has to be in charge of the process, and that's often where things go awry.  Here are some of the reasons to consider an outside firm.

Produce Stronger Results

Historical results show that capital campaigns consistently perform better when using a proven professional consulting firm. Churches consistently lose much more in potential pledges than the amount they would have invested in outside assistance. With qualified assistance, you can expect to double or triple the amount of donations the church would raise through a self-led, in-house capital stewardship campaign. This produces a church more encouraged, motivated and committed to the short-term project and the long-term church vision.

Locate Undiscovered Gifts

A professional consultant will help a church discover more unknown financial resources than the church is able to find on its own.

Avoid Landmines

Often overlooked, “landmines” represent previously undiscovered, usually serious internal issues or potential areas of dispute, disagreement, debate and conflict. A professional, “like-minded” set of eyes helps leadership identify and proactively address such potential issues before they sabotage ministry and church campaign efforts.

Engage the Entire Church

In-house capital campaigns typically reach a limited audience and affect only 15%-25% of the congregation. Professional consulting helps you communicate more effectively with the additional 75%-85% who represent much of your core and community members.

Don't Conduct a Lab Experiment

Too often, in-house church capital campaigns resemble an unsuccessful laboratory experiment. When a church decides to conduct a capital stewardship campaign internally, someone has to be in charge of the process. Hesitant pastoral staff with seminary-based training does not necessarily possess the needed skills and will benefit from a professional church consulting firm. Some churches are fortunate to have a member with expertise in professional fundraising. However, most "secular" campaign efforts are based on vastly different priorities that those that fuel the sort of capital stewardship campaigns conducted by churches.

Develop the Most Efficient Capital Campaign Process

Using all resources at your disposal will allow the church to expend its energy wisely and maximize the stewardship campaign results. When it comes to a building or debt reduction campaign, it is imperative that the process runs properly the first time.


But don't just take our word for it.  Feedback from real churches who recommend partnering with an experienced consulting firm provide the best reasons not to go it alone.  Impact VP Gary Enfinger summarized what they tell us in this excellent blog post (click here).

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