FAQ:  Capital Stewardship Campaigns

Research into church capital campaigns prompts a host of questions.  While every church environment, ministry vision, and financial need is unique, many inquiries -- especially those early in the process -- are general enough to address here for you.  We tackle many of these and others in our extensive blog archive, as you will see in several of our replies below.  

Please click on a question below to go to that section of this page.  Click here to contact us to explore your specific situation and determine what guidance and assistance Impact can provide.

Why hire a consultant?

This question typically arises from the two ends of the experience spectrum.  Either (a) an organization has never engaged in an effort of this manner or magnitude and they truly want to understand the value of a firm like Impact, or (b) it has conducted one or more such campaigns and therefore rightfully would like to understand what our firm can deliver that they is different or better than what they believe they can accomplish.

When a church decides to conduct a church capital campaign on their own, someone knowledgeable needs to be in charge of the process, and that's often where things go awry. Click here to understand the value a professional consulting team represents.  Engaging the perspective and talent of an outside firm fills the experience gap that's present in virtually every organization we encounter, whether big or small, seasoned or fledgling.

Why not design and manage the campaign on our own?

Slightly different from the question above, the heart of this matter is perspective:  does leadership view outside help as an expense, or as an investment?  Read this blog post for an insightful reply to this important question.

What experience does Impact have in the area of raising funds for churches?

We summarize our many years of experience on our  "Who We Are" page.

How is capital stewardship a ministry?

Because consulting fees are involved, many church leaders consider what we do a business, not a ministry. To the contrary, we take our roles as trainers, counselors, and disciple-makers very seriously, and God has blessed that attitude as we diligently fulfill these vital roles alongside the churches we serve.  Learn more about our ministry mindset here.

What sets Impact apart from other firms?

We invite you to read our company "Distinctions" here.

What is your fee structure?

Our fee structure and industry-leading Performance Guarantee are explained here.

Is our church too small / too big for Impact to work with us?

Not at all!  Impact has enjoyed the privilege of guiding emerging churches stretching their wings, as well as metro churches with satellite campuses ministering to thousands.  The annual operating budgets of churches we routinely serve range from $250,000 on up to > $9 million!  More importantly, we've learned that the size of the church does not always equal the size of the vision, nor the proportional commitment to funding it.  Our testimonials pages are full of wonderful stories, surprises, and praises from churches of all sizes.

We welcome the opportunity to customize a plan that reflects your church's specific culture and financial goals.  More than size, the type of campaign and the clarity of your vision will largely set the tone for how we can help.  Learn more  >

How can Impact help with our media communication?

For starters, we take the time to understand how your church communicates, and then customize a media plan accordingly.  We discuss this in a blog called Capital Communication Strategy:  One Size Does Not Fit All.  

In addition, we design and produce all campaign media in-house.  This approach allows us to remain pro-active and responsive in working with your media team.  Visit our media pages

When is the best time to do a campaign?

One of the most common questions we field, this topic requires prayerful analysis of the church's vision and motivation, and the long-term impact of beginning -- or delaying -- a capital campaign. We offer some guidance in a series of blog posts you can read here:

Should our campaign run for 3 years or 2?

In short, that depends; the response is specific to your unique needs and environment.  Conventional wisdom suggests three years as the norm for a church-wide fund drive, and our experience validates that timeframe.  However, studying the trends and expectations of churches engaged in successive campaigns, we've come to the conclusion that shorter may be better for many organizations.  Learn more  >

We just finished our campaign; shouldn't we wait to conduct the next one?

Not necessarily.  Our experience suggests that an immediate, subsequent campaign can be extremely fruitful for many churches.  This blog post by Impact president Chuck Klein challenges the hesitation commonly expressed regarding follow-on campaigns.

How do we ensure that our campaign is successful?

While each capital stewardship campaign is unique, several factors contribute to successful fundraising programs.  Learn more  >

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