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The material below reflects our goal to build and encourage disciples of Jesus who give generously as a natural outflow of His character in their lives (John 15.1-8).  To achieve this, we have developed a very specific approach to engaging the hearts of your giving base long before they are asked to make a pledge or commitment.  While many courses endeavor to teach the mind, but end up manipulating the heart, our priority remains fostering a heart of spiritual prosperity (3 John 1.2) while growing the congregation’s desire to know God, and to please Him (Rom 8.8).  

For this reason, we encourage our campaign partner churches to start with the 4-week “Be Transformed” course, preferably early in the campaign process.  This course is a video-driven series (DVD or web-streamed) that works well in various discipleship formats (Sunday school, small group, home group, etc.).  We partnered with counselor & course facilitator John Murphy ( to leave no “heart stone” unturned (Ps 139), lest it impede the growth and fruit God desires to bring about, both individually and corporately.   For this reason, these first four lessons address heart attitudes that commonly derail a believer’s ability to mature in his/her faith and likewise undermine their full participation in local campaign efforts.


A Disciple's Guide to Financial Responsibility  


Training Our Hearts to Respond to His Blessing 


This 4-week adult course examines the telltale fruit that a disciple of Jesus
will bear in the area of financial responsibility and stewardship. The way we manage the various resources with which we are entrusted indicates the degree to which we are rooted and growing in Truth – both in the Person, and in the Word.

Designed to precede a church capital campaign or stewardship emphasis,
we recommend this course as a way to establish and reinforce a Biblical
perspective on what it means to recognize and manage the resources
we've been given.


In assembling the following four-week course, we have purposed to inspire
a “doing” congregation, comprised of all generations and financial backgrounds. This course will help you prepare the soil of your participants’ hearts to receive and nurture the seed of vision, through faith and action, which your ministry leadership has set before them. 

Intended primarily for the church currently engaged in, or just starting, a church capital campaign, this series of classes addresses three age groups:   Adults, Students (grades 6-12), and Kids (grades 1-5).  Serving as a sort of "heart check" for your people, this course will prompt individuals and families to take stock of their attitude(s) with respect to (a) their support of the vision and (b) the depth of their commitment to helping achieve it.




    Stewardship Lessons for the Body of Christ   


Walking in the Freedom of a Life Transformed 


This verse-by-verse study of 2 Corinthians 8 provides a framework for understanding Paul's motivation for one of the church's earliest widespread funding efforts.  His approach helps provide a standard for what, and how, to communicate to achieve the vision God has spurred in the local
Body of Christ.   


The objective of this 4-week Spiritual Advancement Program is to enrich the participant’s sense of peace and well-being through their faith. Video-driven, the general approach of the program is practical application of Biblical concepts to advance God’s desire to sanctify His people to progressively reflect inwardly the heart of His Son.

The anticipated result of the program for those who authentically engage the study is that their life will feel more peaceful, more hopeful and have more interactive connection to God. 



Typically, the follow-up course is scheduled for the 4 weeks leading up to your Commitment Sunday/Event, focusing on Biblical
principles and practices with respect to funding your unique vision.  However, that’s not a hard and fast rule;  if it makes more sense
to do back-to-back 4-week courses for continuity’s sake, go for it.  Each 4-week course is progressive, but individual lessons can be
mixed and matched, as you see fit.  Take time to review them to see what will help you the most.

This effort evidences our ongoing commitment to developing the best resources available to bless and assist your local church in its
unique stewardship journey.
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