Written Testimonials

Bryan Smith, Pastor
First Baptist Church
Roanoke, VA


“From the very beginning, once we sat down and began to talk with the consultants we felt an immediate personal connection. They were warm, they were transparent, they were honest, and they were real. And from the very first meeting we were convinced that we had found the company that would be able to best suit and serve the needs of our congregation.” 

Cary Stockett, Pastor
Christ United Methodist Church
Jackson, MS


“We felt that the philosophy and style was the best fit for our congregation. We were impressed with what the company offered, and their willingness to tailor the campaign to our unique situation...” 

Collin Days, Pastor
Second Baptist Church
Atlantic City, NJ


“…the most significant challenge to the congregation was on a spiritual rather than a financial level. The campaign itself developed a new crop of leaders for our growing ministries and it encouraged a new sense of unity which we continue to experience to this day.” 

David Bryan, Pastor
Christ Church Murrells
Inlet, SC


“…we found the approach and team to be prayerful, Christ-centered and biblical. To this day, they continue to check in with us and monitor our progress.” 

Dr. Johnny Hunt, Pastor
First Baptist Church
Woodstock, GA


"We wholeheartedly support and commend them to you for all your stewardship needs. They are men of integrity and they desire to lead you on a spiritual journey of seeing the Biblical principles carried out in your ministry as it has to do with stewarding your resources."

Dwayne Mercer, Pastor
First Baptist Church
Oviedo, FL


“One thing [our consultant] brought to the table that no one else did, was their willingness to meet one on one with some of our largest donors. And through that we were able to raise $4 million of the $13 million we raised.” 

Fred Wolfe, Pastor
Former President, Southern Baptist Convention Pastor’s Conference


“In my ministry of over 40 years I have observed many capital stewardship firms. I have not seen any of them come close to the results in both the financial and spiritual arena. I recommend them enthusiastically.” 

Gary Crawford, Pastor
Westside Baptist Church
Gainesville, FL


“At Westside we have completed seven consecutive financial campaigns to accommodate what the Lord has been doing at Westside. We have worked with five different firms. The best, hands down ...” 

Grant Ethridge, Pastor
Liberty Baptist Church
Hampton, VA


“I’ve been in a lot of building programs and I have done a lot of campaigns myself. But I’ve never raised 20 million dollars. This campaign was larger than anything that we have ever attempted and we knew we were going to need some professional experience, consulting and we got nothing but the best recommendations about [them].” 

Greg Belser, Pastor
Morrison Heights Baptist
Church Clinton, MS


“One of the great strengths of [their] approach is to involve people at every level in our congregation. As a result our congregation prospered greatly and everyone is excited about the future and what God is doing at Morrison Heights.” 

Harry Durbin, Pastor
Collierville United Methodist Church
Collierville, TN


“Our effort to secure capital commitments did not hurt our general budget campaign. As a matter of fact, we have already pledged more for our general budget than at any time in our history.” 

Ike Reighard, Pastor
Piedmont Church
Marietta, GA


"In order for our stewardship campaign to have a successful outcome we needed a capital stewardship firm with a fresh innovative approach that would fully engage our Congregation in embracing the vision for our future. [They] proved to be a firm that was willing to adapt their approach to match the needs of our fellowship."

Ron Phillips, Pastor
Abba’s House
Hixson, TN


“After a bad experience with another major stewardship firm, we were very, pleasantly surprised and very happy with our results."

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